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2nd Agri Leadership Summit-2017 Riding on the resounding success of Agri Leadership Summit, 2015, Haryana is organising the 2nd edition of Agri Leadership Summit to provide avenues for recognition, facilitation and incubation of farmer leaders. The Agri Leadership Summit, 2017 will have two distinct themes- promoting Haryana as a destination for Peri Urban Agriculture/Horticulture/Allied activities and focus on Agri Business & Marketing Leadership. Besides, there will be focus on issues such as doubling of farmer’s income, climate smart agriculture, micro irrigation/soil health, organic farming, risk management, A2 milk production/dairying, aquaculture, agro product marketing, agro industries etc.

Haryana being a leading State in the field of agriculture is organising the “2nd Agri Leadership Summit 2017” to provide a platform to the farmers for displaying their best practices and innovations and to connect them with the market. The objective is to harness the vast and untapped growth potential of agriculture in Haryana for accelerated, inclusive and sustainable growth leading to improved economic conditions and social status of farmers, agricultural workers and their families. The aim is also to create a linkage between farmers and the agri market towards maximum value creation.

Technological innovations have taken place in the agri industry and these have begun to take effect in India as well. Today emphasis is being laid on taking technology to the farmers and farmer’s produce direct to the market. The 3-day Summit aims at guiding the farmer and the agri-industry of Haryana towards maximum value creation and to create a direct linkage between farmers and the market.India’s Agri Sector is globally well known for its varied products.< Rapid developments in the field of Agri Technology has led to enhanced productivity & diversification. Growing Export market has further boosted the agro & allied Industry. The answer to sustainable growth in the sector is continuing up-gradation of Technology and the same to reach each and every Farmer across India.Agri Leadership Summit 2017 is being held with the objective to reach out to Farmers through stake holders of Technology. Faridabad, Haryana, will host the 3 day Summit.

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